Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is designed to cover automobiles in the operation of your business, shielding you from liability arising out of the use of those vehicles.


It also protects your vehicles from losses resulting from theft, vandalism, certain weather events, and collisions.


Which specific coverages your business needs is where we come in. We’ll sit down, assess your

fleet, and recommend the products that are right for you.


What is covered?


Property damage liability: Covers costs that result from damages caused to someone else’s



Bodily injury liability: Covers costs that result from injuries caused to another person.


Personal injury protection: Covers costs that result from personal injuries, regardless of which motorist was at fault.


Medical payments: Covers medical expenses of you and your passengers, no matter who was at fault.


Collision coverage: Covers costs that result from damages caused to your vehicle.


Gap insurance: In the event of a total loss on a vehicle you are leasing, this coverage can cover

the money that’s still owed on it.

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